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Kaspersky Lab Registered PartnerKaspersky Labs is a leading provider of endpoint protection, having solutions for companies of all sizes – from traditional malware/antivirus protection to their Total Security for Business, which also takes care of things like encryption of files and disks, protection of web gateways, contents filtering for SharePoint solutions, and a lot more.

Additionally, Kaspersky Labs has solutions for small companies, for virtual environments, and a comprehensive solution for mobile units, covering iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Symbian, and BlackBerry.

The No Crisis Company is an authorized partner and capable of delivering all of the many products from Kaspersky Labs to customers in Denmark and Sweden. However, we do focus on solutions for companies.

This includes products for:

  • Small companies
  • Large companies
  • Targeted solutions – mail server, file server, mobile, internet gateway, virtualization, collaboration, systems management, storage

Please contact us for more information and a quote.