Bitrix24 Free Lead Management

Bitrix24 comes with free online lead management. Unlike other CRM vendors, with Bitrix24 you can have an unlimited number of leads, contacts and deals even in the free version that lets you have up to 12 CRM users (unlimited users of communication tools) and 5 GB worth of document storage (more storage space can be added to your .eu or .com based account).

A lead in Bitrix24 is a CRM object containing contact information (telephone number, email, website) of a person or company who has the potential to become your customer. The lead form in Bitrix24 is fully customizable, so you can add custom lead fields, if necessary.

Integration with your WebsiteLead Generation

Leads can be added to your Bitrix24 account:

Reports and Sales FunnelLead Analytics

Bitrix24 comes with a number of tools that you let you easily identify most profitable lead sources, evaluate how well each sales representative works with his or her leads, generate lead reports and do much more.

CRM Workflow ManagementLead Tools

Here are just a few free lead management tools that are available in Bitrix24

Try it yourself! You can get started in two minutes at no costs with Bitrix24 Free – a fully operational and very capable system in its own right, which can later be upgraded just as easy and fast in case you should need it. Or see and order the other editions at the Bitrix24 page.