Bitrix boxed logo 380x494Get in control of collaboration and knowledge sharing – and a lot more! Bitrix24 is an excellent productivity-improver that inspires to better collaboration in teams, departments, and across the company.

It is a very flexible tool that allows you to work in the way you like. You simply utilise the features that are attractive to you – and in the way you prefer.

Covers all needs

There are at present six different editions, so there is one for you too. Each of them is meant to cover the needs of a company at a certain development stage – from the small, newly established company that loves freedom and flexibility, to the established company with mature processes and more administrative needs.

Bitrix24 can help you all the way:

  • From lead to delivery
  • In service and collaboration
  • Internally and externally

The prices are very attractive. The self-hosted editions have updates and technical support included for the first year, which afterwards can be bought at a price based on 22% of the base price for the license and extra users.

A large amount of functions are available and everything is perfectly integrated and easy to use.

Online Editions

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Self-hosted Editions

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Details of the different editions

Here is an overview of some of the most important features in each edition of Bitrix24. The full list would be very long – it really is a highly capable product!

Edition Most important features

Otherwise as Free.


Otherwise as Plus.


Otherwise as Standard.


Otherwise as Professional but without IP access limitation (can be set in your own firewall instead), and without the simplified administration panel from the online editions.

BizPace Enterprise
  • 25 + 75 users included, possible to buy more
  • Multible divisions, each can have separate intranet
  • Unlimited websites
  • Web-cluster, for load balancing and increased up-time

Otherwise as BizPace.