Most items and services are delivered electronically – therefore, it is important that we have your email address. When ordering, a confirmation is sent immediately. If you haven’t heard from us within an hour after ordering, first check your spam-filter or junk-folder and if you cannot find a message from us there either, please call or write to us so that we can have the problem fixed.

Goods to be sent physically will most often need some time for delivery, as we do not keep items on stock. They will typically be shipped from Copenhagen with PostNord (formerly PostDanmark). It will not normally be possible to pick up the items yourself from our location. In some cases the item is shipped from a different location, for instance directly from our provider. Expected delivery time will be mentioned on the item’s description (or agreed upon, if the item wasn’t ordered through the webshop), and we kindly ask for your understanding in case of postal delays.

If you have ordered consultant assistance or advisory, we will contact you, usually by telephone, for making an appointment. Please, therefore, remember to also give us your phone number when ordering.

We normally deliver after prepayment only, and our primary market is Denmark. Shipping costs etc. will be based on this, unless otherwise specified.

We only deliver to companies and therefore the order must contain company name and address, along with VAT number.

The possible destinations are limited only by whatever exportlimitations and other laws and rules in effect. However, for a number of items there are additional limitations, for instance because the version sold in Denmark is different from the version sold in a particular other country – and for that reason we can sell it only in Denmark. This can be the case for both physical goods and services.

So, if your company is based in, or if you want an item delivered to a different country than Denmark, then please contact us first to hear what is possible.

If you have ordered an item that cannot be delivered, that part of the order will be cancelled and your prepayment will be refunded (bank fees may apply, and in that case deducted from the refund).

Bitrix24 licenses and subscriptions can be delivered everywhere, and they are delivered by email. Foreign customers are therefore welcome.

Microsoft licenses for online services, like Office 365, can be delivered only to Danish customers in Denmark. This limitation is maintained by Microsoft’s ordering system and we cannot affect it.

Kaspersky Lab licenses are sold by os only to Danish and Swedish customers. We sell the ‘Nordic’ edition of them, which can be installed only in countries, that are serviced by Kaspersky Lab Nordic (this includes Scandinavia and some other countries). Please ask us before ordering, if you are, for instance, a Danish based company needing to buy licenses to be installed in your foreign affiliates – so that we can ensure that you will get the correct license types for the purpose.

AVG licences will work all over the world, and our main sales area is Europe.

Delivery of products that you can buy directly from our partner’s webshop though a link from our webshop, will be restricted as per our partner’s own set of rules. They may or may not sell to certain countries and/or to individuals. In most cases we cannot affect their decision.