There are many exciting companies in this world, and we are fortunate to work with a number of them. Here are some of the partnerships.

We are generally interested in hearing from companies that think they can fit in as a partner in one of the categories. If we could help each other, that would be great. Please feel free to contact us if you have such thoughts.

Most of the partners mentioned below have also been mentioned elsewhere at this website and some of them in the shape of products in the webshop. If you are interested in seeing everything we have written about them you could, for instance, use the search form at the bottom of the page.

Technology Partners

Microsoft Bitrix
Microsoft’s products are well known and used by just about all people with a computer. During recent years, there has been an exciting development where many of the products, for instance Office 365, no longer require a difficult installation process plus updates, upgrades, etc., but where you simply use them from the internet – then Microsoft makes sure to keep the products updated. This concept means that companies need to spend less time on administering software, and they can then spend more of their resources on running the business. One problem less and by that, better opportunities for success. Bitrix Silver PartnerBitrix has been in the marked for content management systems since 1998 and has reached a solid market position in large parts of the world. A few years ago, they launched a new system, Bitrix24, that can be seen as a further development of the idea of intranet – meaning, a platform for collaboration that allows for many of the daily routines in the company to happen in one go and at the same time adding some additional opportunities, so far not utilised very well by companies. This saves time and frustrations and, at the same time, improves the understanding of how things are connected, leading to great improvements of efficiency and employee satisfaction.
GlobalSign SSL-certifikater
DigiCert Logo
 RapidSSL logo Thawte SSL
GlobalSign stands for security and trust and delivers a number of highly esteemed SSL certificates. DigiCert provides some of the market’s most recognized certificates and is 100% dedicated to this. RapidSSL offers a line of SSL certificates that are very reasonable priced. Thawte is one of the oldest and most trusted issuers of SSL certificates.
Kaspersky Registered PartnerKaspersky Lab is a leading provider of endpoint protection that has solutions for all sizes of companies – from traditional malware/antivirus protection to their Total Security for Business that also includes features like encryption of files and complete disks, protection of web gateways, contents filtering of SharePoint solutions, and a lot more. Additionally, solutions for small companies, for virtual environments, and a comprehensive solution for mobile units with support for both iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.
AVG Business Select Partner badgeAVG has a comprehensive line of very attractive products that can increase the security level around your company’s files and data, along with helping to get better functioning PCs, Macs, and mobile units: antivirus, anti-spam, backup, cleanup, and much more. With the partner product CloudCare we can offer you managed services for your PCs and servers, including antivirus, spam control, email archive, and online backup – all as a discrete service in the background, giving you the best opportunities to spend your time on running your business.
SymantecSymantec is amongst the oldest and largest providers of software for PCs – and is today focused on security products, including endpoint protection/antivirus, SSL certificates, and backup solutions. Brands connected with Symantec are, for instance, Verisign (certificates), Norton, Altiris, Veritas, Backup Exec, and NetBackup. Some of these brands have been transferred to the recently spun-off company Veritas, with whom we are also partnering.
HP - Hewlett-PackardThe largest manufacturer of computers and accessories is at the same time amongst the best – in quality, product range, and support. Therefore, we have chosen to become an HP partner in order to be able to assist our clients with servers and accessories that makes it easy to buld a complete solution for self-hosted products. Of course we can help you as well with the many other products, HP can deliver – PCs, printers, and much more.

Reference Partners

SaaS_Advisor_Logo_grayCitrix provides a line of products for communication “in the cloud” – for easy arrangement of virtual meetings, webinars, and courses, for collaboration in teams, for helpdesk with remote control of the user’s PC, and for remote control of PCs and Macs. Everything is subscription based and online.
E-conomic regnskabsprogram GoDaddy
E-conomic is online with an accounting system that is low priced, very easy to use, and can be expanded through apps from third parties – there is a very large selection to choose from and they cover a broad scope of integrations with other systems and online services. GoDaddy is the place where you can register and administer your new domain for a very modest price. GoDaddy also offers a line of other services, such as virtual servers, SSL certificates, websites, and webshops.
We have many more reference partners than mentioned at this page. Their products have been mentioned at various other pages on the site, for instance on the page for special offers, in the webshop, in the blog, and in adverts that can be found at, in principle, any page. Many of these partners are acting in the same way as traditional manufacturers or distributors, except that they offer to take care of the last step or steps in a buying process. this is freeing up resources with us, so that we all in all can offer more products with a larger variety. We still get help and guidance from them and can stay informed about new products etc., an to some extend also help and guide our clients with regards to these products. This arrangement should be an advantage for all parties so we hope that you can see the idea and welcome it.

Hosting Partners

FSdata_logoFS Data in Helsingborg is one of Swedens oldest, largest, and most popular providers of web hotels, servers, domain names, and e-mail. With FS Data we can, for instance, offer some serious VPS (Virtual Private Servers) at reasonable prices, perfect for a self-hosted Bitrix24, as an example, and we are pleased to assist with installation and administration of both servers and software.
SE Cloud FactoryThe Danish solution for secure and comfortable operations of servers in the cloud is called SE Cloud Factory. The No Crisis Company is authorized as a dealer and can help with establishment and setup of a VPS where both application and data stays in Denmark, even with continuous replication to a secondary data center for the purpose of delivering the highest possible availability.
In addition, we are an APN Consulting Partner and can help with creating virtual servers with AWS – Amazon Web Services – which is amongst the biggest and best, when it comes to flexible virtual servers where almost everything can be configured as you want it and where payment is according to the actual use. With AWS you can choose the data center that best suits your needs, and in such a way that you for instance comply with rules and regulations about the geographical placement of data.

We are Reselling

Authorized ResellerInternet-based backup is both easy, fast, and low cost with iDrive, which btw. also offers remote control of computers. All units, such as PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets, are covered. Avast!More than 25 years of experience with antivirus means a line of excellent products with a wealth of features. And still it all can easily be administered by small and medium sized companies. Avast! also exists for servers and Linux.
SAP Reseller - SAP Crystal SolutionsSince 2003 where SAP bought Business Objects, they have been an important player in the market for reporting and BI solutions. Significantly, SAP Crystal Reports had been used extensively as the built-in report generator in many third party products, but this product as well as SAP Crystal Dashboards and several other tools from SAP are in an excellent way covering most needs for reporting and data analysis. We are reselling the series of products from SAP Crystal Solutions, which are focused towards the distribution of data in the shape of reports and overviews.

 Development Partners

The No Crisis Company is in itself a small company but still we can manage larger development assignments. These are carried through in a collaboration with specialised development companies, domestic and abroad, and can, for instance, cover development of websites, modules and alterations for Bitrix24, and apps for mobile platforms.

Delivery Partners

We could sometimes need a hand with the delivery of certain services, so if your company can contribute now and then – or maybe on fixed terms with certain tasks – it could probably be quite nice to have a talk about the options. The tasks can be, for instance, installing software, answering support calls, arranging courses, possibly just supplying the classroom and perhaps administration when we ourselves are doing the rest of the arrangement – and most likely even more tasks.