The No Crisis Blog

The No Crisis BlogAs a contribution to the debate about especially project and change management – and everything around these topics – “The No Crisis Blog” was created. The blog is in English in order to reach the broadest possible community.

A fair amount of posts have been published, of which some have lead to debate and feedback in the shape of interesting and inspiring comments. Many posts have been mentioned by websites all over the world. For various reasons, Lean IT has been mentioned in several posts and it is this topic, closely followed by ITIL and BPM, that is most often searched for.

The blog’s about-page says, among other things:

This blog is here to discuss all the different things necessary to consider before establishing projects or change processes. Most of those end up in failure. And why? For a million reasons, unfortunately, so there exists no one silver bullet to fix it all, sorry!

But there is a number of misunderstandings and common mistakes to avoid if the project or process should at least have a chance. And this is what The No Crisis Blog is all about. Such good and reasonable things to think about – matching exactly what The No Crisis Company is dealing with.

Check out the blog and participate in the debate. There is something for every taste, with an eye on the four P’s: People, Philosophy, Process, Product – a good rule of thumb when making a business analysis before changes to an organisation: all four P’s must be included.