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Bitrix24 now free for unlimited users!

Nu ubegrænset antal brugere på gratis Bitrix24!

Bitrix continues to make Bitrix24 more attractive!

So far the free edition has been limited to 12 registered users but now you can invite as many as you want – without needing to upgrade to a paid edition of the system.

Get your free Bitrix24 here.

The first 12 users have access to all the many business features that Bitrix24 has to offer, including CRM, task/project management, workgroups, calendars, workflows, etc. plus communication tools including, among others, chat, video calls, telephony, and activity stream.

Additional users do not have access to business features but they do have access to all the communication tools. This means that they can be part of the organisation, use the intranet and participate in the internal and external communication as well as use telephony, see the organizational diagram and their colleagues’ profiles, etc.

There is still a limitation on the total disk space, which in the free edition as standard is 5 GB with an option to buy more. The 12 users with full access are initially the first invited and the list can easily be maintained with a maximum of one daily update.

Useful to many

All in all this is clearly super news for the many companies and organizations who especially want a tool for the internal communication and where the mentioned business tools either are not used at all or perhaps are used only by a few employees. These include, for instance, many volunteer-organizations and clubs, along with companies that have a small administrative staff plus some employees who are working out of office and do not need access to all functions.

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