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Leadership requires an overview

Ledelse kræver overblik

What is good leadership? There are many answers to that, but it is supposedly always something about leading someone to somewhere – meaning, to help someone get from one place to another.

And to be able to do that, you must get an overview of where you are and then continuously adjust the direction so that you all the time move towards the goal, even if this is moving along the way or various things are coming from the surroundings or from inside, pushing it all.

Modern leadership is, however, also to a high degree about leading yourself, leading upwards, outwards, etc. and in general it is about respecting each other across titles and formal status. It is about helping each other to make their own decisions.

A great help comes from information sharing, so team leadership is very much about making information available for your team, and to ensure that there is a common place to put information when you have some – at the same time a common place where you can search for the information.

It is about information on how things are going with the project – if it is a project team – or about what is relevant for each team: sales figures for a sales team, generated leads and contacts for a marketing team, etc., and all need information about the team itself and the people in it.

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