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Bitrix24 Winter Sale

Bitrix24 vinter special

Until the 28th of December, all editions of Bitrix24 are offered with a discount – up to 24%! The discount also counts for additional users as well as for renewal of update and support subscriptions for the self-hosted editions, both early and late renewals, and finally also for upgrades from BizPace to BizPace Enterprice.

In other words – just about everything Bitrix24 is on sale during the next 14 days!

We are working hard on making the new webshop ready at but feel free to have an early start and order Bitrix24 already, even if the shop hasn’t officially opened yet. Just select bank transfer as the menas of payment, and everything should run smoothly. If you instead choose to pay with credit card through PayPal it should work as well; just be ready to give us a call or an email in case the unthinkable should happen and something doesn’t work as planned.

Of course, you are also welcome to forward your order in a different way but we need to have received both the order and the payment at latest on the 28th of December in order for us to be able to give you the specified discount.

Upgrades and renewals can so far not be ordered through the webshop – they must instead be ordered by phone +45 26 16 61 65, or send us an email to and we will call you back for arranging the details. Please remember to specify your Bitrix24 edition and the number of users.

The discounts on online editions cannot be extended beyond the suvscription period they were used for. The self-hosted editions come as usual with a one year support and maintenance subscription and are equipped with 25 user licenses as standard.

Besides, everything else in the shop can be bought. Even though we are still messing around a bit there are only real, sellable items in the shop. Have fun!

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  1. Find all the great offerings in the Bitrix Shop.

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